Official Charities Of The Year

Run for our Official Charities of the Year 2019

We are proud to announce the British Heart Foundation and The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew Charity are the official charities of the Richmond RUNFEST 2019 event. Please find out more about them below.  

British Heart Foundation

Heart transplants. Clot busting drugs. Pacemakers. Breakthroughs born from visionary medical research. Research you fund with your donations.

Heart and circulatory diseases kill 1 in 4 people in the UK. They cause heartbreak on every street. But if research can invent machines to restart hearts, fix arteries in newborn babies, build tiny devices to correct heartbeats, and give someone a heart they weren’t born with - imagine what’s next. 

We fund research into all heart and circulatory diseases and their risk factors. Heart attacks, heart failure, stroke, vascular dementia, diabetes and many more. All connected, all under our microscope. Our research is the promise of future prevention, cures and treatments. The promise to protect the people we love. Our children. Our parents. Our brothers. Our sisters. Our grandparents. Our closest friends

You and the British Heart Foundation. Together, we will beat heartbreak forever.



T: 0300 222 5719

The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew Charity     

Around 25% of Kew’s income is from generous individuals, trusts, and other philanthropy. Our two beautiful and historic sites are among the world’s most-loved public gardens. Places where plants are cherished and celebrated – and where future generations come to learn.

Kew is finding plant-based solutions to global challenges such as biodiversity loss, food security, poverty, disease and changing climate. Our scientists are discovering new ways of using plants for the benefit of people, while working hard to conserve and restore the world's habitats, particularly those most in danger.

Contact the fundraising team if you want to take up the challenge to help save the world’s plants while running in our beautiful Gardens. 



T: 0208 332 3246

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