Covid Related Questions


Am I able to defer my 10k place to next year if I am not comfortable to run in September this year?

We completely understand if you wish to defer your 10k place until next year, please contact if you would like to do this.

Will I still be eligible for the Goddess of Victory medal if I run the 10k in September and a postponed event in Spring?

Yes you absolutely will get the GOV medal. Even though it's just the 10K's in September the postponed events still contribute to your Goddess of Victory which you will be rewarded after the last race.

If I opt for the TBC postponed date in Spring, what happens if I can’t make it?

If when we release the postponed Spring date you realise you can’t make this date, please drop us an email on and we will let you know your options.

Will car parking/iTab purchases be automatically transferred to the postponed event?

Yes, your car parking and iTab purchases will carry over and if you can't make the Spring date then you can either choose to defer to September 2021 or offer you the solution that suits you best.

How do you register for the 10k on Sunday 13th? 

Until we get final confirmation, the Sunday 10k isn't live yet but it will be very soon. If you are on our newsletter list we will email you as soon as this goes live so that you can register. If you're not, you can sign up to it here:


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