Common Questions

Here are some common questions that you may have.

If you have any questions that are not below please contact us and we will get back to you.

Q. Due to COVID-19, is the event still going ahead?

Please click here for our latest update on the event, this page will be updated whenever we have any new news:

Q. How much does it cost to enter?

100 early bird entries will be on sale reducing the below full prices by £5.

  • Richmond Marathon: non affiliated price £48.50
  • Richmond Half Marathon: non affiliated price £41
  • Kew Gardens 10k:  non affiliated price £40
  • Richmond SUNDOWN 5K:  £19.50 without t-shirt, £25 with a t-shirt

Members of British Athletics running clubs receive an additional £2 off entries.

Saturday CwC UK Kids Mile & Sunday Family Mile:

  • Early Bird: £5
  • Standard price:  £12.50
  • On the day price*: £15.00

*If the race is not sold out.

Q. Where are toilets located on the course?

We will have 8 toilets on the course for the Marathon at the folllowing places (rough estimates for exact miles), there are multiple toilets at each station;

- Ferry Lane (Mile 4)

- River Lane 1 (Mile 7.5)

- Lower Ham Road 1 (Mile 10)

- Kingston Bridge 1 (Mile 12.5)

- Kingston Bridge 2 (Mile 18)

- Lower Ham Road 2 (Mile 20.5)

- Riverside Drive (Mile 22.5)

- River Lane 2 (Mile 25)

Q. Can I enter the race and still raise money for a charity that is not an official charity?

Yes, it is our pledge to donate 10% of all race entries to local charities and community projects, however you can run for any cause of your choice. Once you have your place you can contact that charity direct.

Q. Where will the waterstations be?

Water stations: We are significantly reducing plastic usage!

Kew Gardens 10K:

There will be one waterstation at 4.7 miles where water from compostable cups will be handed out.

Richmond Half Marathon Waterstations:

1: Water only in compostable cups at 3.75 miles

 2: Lucozade Sport Orange and compostable cups of water at 7.09 miles

3: Water only in rPET bottles and compostable cups - half & half at 10.05 miles

4: Lucozade Sport Orange and compostable cups of water at 12.15 miles

Richmond Marathon Waterstations:

1: Water only in compostable cups at 3.75 miles

2: Lucozade Sport Orange and compostable cups of water at 7.09 miles

3: Water only in rPET bottles and compostable cups - half & half at 10.55 miles

 4: Lucozade Sport Orange and compostable cups of water at 12.80 miles

5: Water only in rPET bottles and compostable cups - half & half at 15 miles

 6: Lucozade Sport Orange and compostable cups of water at 17.85 miles

 7: Water only in rPET bottles and compostable cups - half & half at 20.15 miles

 8: Water only in rPET bottles and compostable cups - half & half at 23.20 miles

9: Lucozade Sport Orange and compostable cups of water at 25 miles

Q. Do I have to fundraise or can I just run for fun?

No you do not have to fundraise. If you enter through a Public Entry place you do not have to fundraise, however many runners do and enjoy this experience.

Q. When is the Kew Gardens 10K?

Saturday 14th September 2019 at 8.30am.

Q. When is the CwC UK Kids Mile? 

Saturday 14th September 2019 at 2pm

Q. When is the Richmond SUNDOWN 5k? 

Saturday 14th September 2019 at 7pm

Q. When is the Richmond Half Marathon? 

Sunday 15th September 2019 at 8.55am

Q. When is the Richmond Marathon? 

Sunday 15th September 2019 at 8am

Q. When is the Richmond Family Mile? 

Sunday 15th September 2019 at 2.30pm.

Q. Can I get a refund or defer my place to the following year?

Unfortunately race entries are NOT TRANSFERABLE and NON-DEFERABLE. We do not permit a change of race number. A full refund will only be offered within 14 days of payment. After 14 days from purchase date, a refund minus 20% admin fee will be offered until the event has sold out of public entries. After the event you are registered in has sold out, there will be NO REFUNDS. Your entry fee is invested in the cost of staging the event, and the main costs to contractors, external suppliers, administration etc are already committed well before race day.

To understand why we have an admin fee please click here.


Q.  Can I change races?

Due to size restrictions we can not transfer participants between races any of our races. A major reason for this is the amount of medals we order for the specific distances and do not want to run out! 


Q. Where do I collect my Goddess of Victory medal?

Go to the Goddess of Victory Tent on the Sunday. Click here for more info.

Q. When will numbers be sent out?

  • UK Residents: Race numbers, chips have been sent out. You should receive your race pack a week before (commencing 9th September). If you have not received your number by Friday 11th September, 2020 please contact us on and we will arrange a spare pack for you to collect on the morning at the information tent in Kew Gardens. Click here to view final instructions.


  • Non-UK Residents: Non-UK residents will receive an email before the race with final instructions and a map with directions to the start in Kew Gardens. This email will advise you to collect your race pack on the morning of the race at the 'INTERNATIONAL' packet pick up in Kew Gardens. Click here to view final instructions.



Q. What if I change my address?

If you need your race pack delivered to an alternative address to the one you registered with, please email to let us know before 7pm on the 17th August, 2020. If you miss this deadline you will need to arrive at least one hour before your race to collect a new race pack from the info tent in the event village for a fee of £5.



Q. What If I miss the Change of Address Deadline?

If you did not notify us before 17th August we can not stop your race pack being delivered to the address you provided when you registered. This means you will have to collect a spare pack on the day and incur a £5 charge.



Q. Where can I leave my bags/ clothes?

Kew Gardens 10K - Our friendly baggage team will be waiting for you by the Nash Conservatory for the Kew Gardens 10K to collect your baggage. Please provide your own bags.

Half or Full Marathon - For the Sunday adult races (half/full) our baggage trucks be outside Elizabeth Gate. Once the race has begun they will transport your belongings safely to the finish in Old Deer Park where you can collect them after your run. Please provide your own bags.

5k - There will be a baggage area in Old Deer Park for the 5k! 


Q. Where do I collect race numbers?

Previously the collection of numbers has caused us a lot of issues so we have decided to not do it for 2020. We may revisit it in 2021 if a sponsor is available to provide this.

Q. Can supporters and family see me in Kew Gardens for free?

Yes, Kew Gardens have kindly waived any entrance fee in the morning, no tickets needed so runners can get the send off and finish they deserve. Cafes will be open for hot and cold beverages. 

PLEASE NOTE: Friends and family need to be inside Kew Gardens before 8.40am otherwise they will have to pay the normal entry fee when the gates reopen to the general public.



Q. Where will my race start?

The Richmond Marathon, Richmond Half Marathon and Kew Gardens 10k all start on the Broadwalk in Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. The only gate open to runners and spectators is via Elizabeth Gate Entrance, Kew Green, TW9 3AB.

The Kids’ Mile starts in the afternoon at the finish festival in Old Deer Park (next to Pools on the Park Leisure Centre, TW9 2SF) and the Sundown 5k starts at 7pm. .


Q. Can I park somewhere near the start?

There is limited parking around Kew Gardens and we encourage all runners to take public transport to the event.

Kew Gardens 10K - A small amount of prepaid parking is available for the 10K. You can purchase this during your entry process or from our merchandise shop.

Richmond Half & Full - A small amount of prepaid parking is available for the Sunday at the National Archives. You can purchase this during your entry process or from our merchandise shop.

Any problems drop us an email at

Q. Where does my race finish?

The Kew Gardens 10k on the Saturday finishes inside Kew Gardens. 

The Richmond Marathon, Richmond Half Marathon and NIKE KIDS' Mile races finish in a music festival a mile down the road in Old Deer Park (opposite the A316), Twickenham Road, TW9 2SF.



Q. Can I see a course map?

Click here to see our 2020 course maps.



Q. Are there drink stations?

  • Kew Gardens 10k: 1 drinks station (3 miles) and at the finish
  • Richmond Half Marathon: 4 drink stations (3.75 miles, 7.5 miles, 9 miles, 12 miles and at the finish) 
  • Richmond Marathon: (2.5miles, 7.5miles, 9miles, 11 miles, 14 miles, 17 miles, 20 miles, 23 miles and at the finish)



Q. Is the race chip timed?

We are using the same timing system (ipico) as the Virgin Money London Marathon uses so your results are in reliable hands. We hope to get the results out as soon as possible.



Q. Where do I place my chip?

You need to place your chip on your shoe using the tags provided. For more info on this please click here.



Q. What happens if I receive my number but cannot run on race day?

You must return your timing chip to avoid a £5 fine. Please send your chips back to RUNFEST Ltd., Suite A, 8 The Causeway, Teddington, Middlesex, TW11 OHE



Q. Can I give my number to a friend to run?

Sorry, this goes against our health and safety regulations and breaks our public liability insurance. We are responsible for our registered runners only and require emergency information incase something happens.



Q. Is there a time limit?

For the Marathon & Half Marathon we have a restricted time limit for the first 2 miles. You are requested to be able to run this in 30mins. This includes any entrants starting late so please do not be upset if we do not allow you to start if you turn up late.

The full Marathon has a further time restriction of 6 hours due to a time limit at Hampton Court Palace. We apologise for this inconvenience, this is the Palace’s rule that we must abide by.



Q. Can my dog/pram run with me?

Sadly no, this is due to the restricted size of paths, however the Family Mile FunRun on Sunday afternoon does welcome dogs/prams.

Dogs are allowed on Old Deer Park but not inside Kew Gardens



Q. Is this race on closed roads?

The new Kew Gardens 10k is a fully road closed race running round the beautiful Kew Gardens.

Outside of Kew Gardens all paths and roads are open to the general public. Runners do not have right of way and should not expect priority treatment. Where runners meet roads we use license traffic marshals to take care of runners safety.



Q. Can I run with headphones?

Kew Gardens 10K, Richmond 5K and Family Mile Race, yes you can run with headphones.

For the Sunday events, Bone conduction headphones are the only earphones that are approved for use in road races under the UKA rules of competition.

The UKA rules of competition are clear that “in ear” headphones cannot be used in events where roads are open to traffic and UKA have confirmed that bone conducting headphones being “open ear” are approved for use by runners in all races as they do not sit in the ear. 

For more information please see Runbritain website here.



Q. What is the terrain like?

Richmond 5K & Mile races- All grass and concrete path in Old Deer Park.

Kew Gardens 10K - All road apart from 100 metres of grass at the start and finish.

Half and Full Marathon - Mixed surfaces: road, towpath and grass. Please run with caution on the towpath as the underfoot is uneven. We will put caution signs out in particularly bad areas but please aware generally. This race is not a road race and runners are to expect uneven paths.

If there is rain before the event please expect puddles and mud especially along the towpath.



Q. Will there be pace makers?

  • Full Marathon pacers and predicted finishing times: 2 hours 45, 3 hours, 3 hours 15, 3 hours 30, 3 hours 45, 4 hours, 4 hours 15, 4 hours 45, 5 hours.
  • Half Marathon pacers and predicted finishing times: 1.30 hrs, 1.45 hrs, 2 hrs, 2.15 hrs, 2.30 hrs.
  • 10km pacers and predicted finishing times: 40 mins, 45 mins, 50 mins, 55 mins, 60 mins, 65 mins, 70 mins. 






Q. How can I find out what personal information you may hold on me?

Please contact us via our website or call our office and we will be able to assist you.

For more information on our privacy policy please click here.



Q. Is the course measured and can it be used for London Marathon Good for age?

All courses have been measured by Olympic Games measurer Hugh Jones on behalf Association of UK Course Measurers

The multi-terrain means that it is not valid for British or World records but the time can be used for London Marathon 'good for age' entry requirements. The reference number of our measured course is 12/0108.

Our event is ran under RUNBRITAIN rules and our event licence is 2016-26939. 



Q. Can I choose the charity I run for?

If you already have your race place it is your decision if you want to fundraise. There are so many wonderful causes that need your help.


Q. Do I have to run for charity?

As long as we still have public entries in the races you don't have to run for a charity. You can simply sign up and run for fun, however many runners choose to fundraise and be associated to a charity who supports you at every step. Once public entries sell out the only way you can get a place is to run for one of our charity partners.


Q. Can I run with a buggy or a dog in the 5k?

You are more than welcome to run with a buggy or your dog in the Richmond Sundown 5k, however you will be placed in a separate wave which goes off at the back. 



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