COVID-19 Update


To all our lovely runners,

As we all struggle to get used to our new ‘COVID-19 World’ we want to keep you informed of all the developments our end so here’s an update on what’s going on behind the scenes.

At present the Richmond RUNFEST is scheduled to go ahead as planned and we are working extremely hard  to include multiple social distancing measures into all aspects of the event. We have accepted that the fun event we usually strive for will be under strict conditions but we are doing all we can to ensure the event can happen safely so this is our sole mission.

Each day (especially as we start to ease out of lockdown), will bring us new challenges (good and bad) so we will always take the advice of Richmond Council and the UK Government and promise to update you if anything changes.

You give so much commitment and dedication when you enter one of our events and we would not take any decision to cancel or postpone lightly. We love delivering RUNFEST with it’s unique annual theme and this year the Rainbow will be special to all of us (and the medals are looking AMAZING…coming soon!).

In the meantime we want to reassure you that we will continue to work closely with our stakeholders and monitor the advice given.  Let’s keep all fingers crossed for 12th and 13th September and please do everything you can to stay safe and healthy.

We will include any updates on the status of the event on here and will notify you of any developments by email and on our social media channels.

Keep Running,

Tom, Jade & Sarah

The Richmond RUNFEST / AIR:RUN Team

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