Race Info

2021 Timetable of Events: 


SATURDAY 15th May: AIR 10K (Inside Kew) 

SUNDAY 16th May: NEW Kew Gardens 10K

TBC: Richmond Marathon


Richmond RUNFEST:

SATURDAY 11th September: findarace.com Kew Gardens 10K (Inside Kew Gardens) & Children With Cancer UK KIDS’ Mile and Richmond Sundown 5K both in Old Deer Park.

SUNDAY 12th September: Richmond Half Marathon & Family Funrun.

Race Location:

For the Spring events, the start is accessed by Ferry Lane off Kew Green. Use address: 59 Fery Lane, Kew, Richmond, TW9 3AH (google map)This is the ONLY access to the race (this will be reviewed for the Autumn events). 

No Spectators:

For our socially distanced AIR:10K and Kew Gardens 10k in May 2021, NO SPECTATORS were allowed down Ferry Lane/inside Kew Gardens until after the runners had finished. We can only social distance our runners so advise your friends/family to meet you on Kew Green so when you exit Ferry Lane after the race you can all re-enter Kew Gardens by presenting your race bib or medal at Elizabeth Gate and enjoy your time in the gardens. 


There is even less parking at Kew this year due to the new cycle path on Kew Road. The Kew National Archives are allowing runners to use their car park and we also have spaces in Kew's Herbarium car park, both at £15.  

For all parking options click here

How To Get There:

1. Get a train to Richmond Station and from there take the 65 bus to Kew Green or an Uber (£6 - £8)

2. Get a train to Turnham Green (picadilly Line) walk 5 mins to Chiswick Lane, take 237 or 267 to Kew Bridge, walk over the bridge and Ferry Lane is on the right.

3. Get to Claphan Junction and take an Uber (£16 - £20)

Bike Parking:

If you are local we advise cycling to the event and you can use the pike parking on Kew Green. This is a great warm up for your legs!

For all other options please visit Transport for London or National Rail.

Richmond SUNDOWN 5k

Old Deer Park (next to Pools on the Park Leisure Centre), Twickenham Rd, Richmond TW9 2SF. Click here


- Watch the sun go down as you walk/ jog/ run and finish with an after party!
- New FLAT course starting at 7PM 
- Entertainment to keep you going every 500 meters!!!
- After-party music performance from Fake Tan.


Children with Cancer UK Kids' Mile races Start and Finish Location

Old Deer Park (next to Pools on the Park Leisure Centre), Twickenham Rd, Richmond TW9 2SF. Click here

Packet pick up opens: 1.30pm

The Kids races are staggered throughout the afternoon and will run from 2pm - 4.30pm. Race times will be emailed to all participants prior to the race.

2021 Children with Cancer UK Kids' Mile & 500m Proposed Timetable (subject to change):

Age restrictions:


Full Marathon: minimun age - 18 on day of race

Half Marathon: minimum age - 17 on day of race

10km: minimum age - 15 on day of race

5km: minimum age - 13 on day of race

Kids races: ages 5-16 years on day of race


Kew Gardens 10K: All on road and path inside Kew Gardens. Flat and fast!

Half and full marathon: Mixed surfaces: road, towpath and grass. Flat and fast!

Course is NOT hilly! Woohoo!



Water stations: We are significantly reducing plastic usage!

Kew Gardens 10K:

There will be one waterstation at 3 miles where water from bottles will be available.

Richmond Half Marathon Waterstations:

1: Water only in compostable cups at 3.75 miles

 2: Lucozade Sport Orange and compostable cups of water at 7.09 miles

3: Water only in rPET bottles and compostable cups - half & half at 10.05 miles

4: Lucozade Sport Orange and compostable cups of water at 12.15 miles

Richmond Marathon Waterstations:

1: Water only in compostable cups at 3.75 miles

2: Lucozade Sport Orange and compostable cups of water at 7.09 miles

3: Water only in rPET bottles and compostable cups - half & half at 10.55 miles

 4: Lucozade Sport Orange and compostable cups of water at 12.80 miles

5: Water only in rPET bottles and compostable cups - half & half at 15 miles

 6: Lucozade Sport Orange and compostable cups of water at 17.85 miles

 7: Water only in rPET bottles and compostable cups - half & half at 20.15 miles

 8: Water only in rPET bottles and compostable cups - half & half at 23.20 miles

9: Lucozade Sport Orange and compostable cups of water at 25 miles


The finish:

At the finish our hydration partner Lucozade Sport will hydrate you with their FitWater. This purified spring water contains 4 key electrolytes with zero calories.



Special thanks to Lucozade Sport, our Official Sports Drink Partner, for supplying Lucozade Sport 380ml rPET recycled bottles on the Marathon & Half course. The following flavours will be rewarded to ALL runners at the finish!


First Aid:

Full professional cover in place throughout the course.




The entire course will be fully marshalled. Marshals are volunteers so please say thanks to these amazing people!


Sweep Marshals:

A sweep marshal will be present to assist athletes who do not complete the course and will be transported to the finish line.




Due to Covid-19 and social distancing, all runners will be given an arrival time to avoid congestion. Friends and family of runners might not be able to spectate inside Kew Gardens, however, all are welcome to enter Kew Gardens free of charge afterwards to make a day of it (this will be reviewed in February, closer to event weekend).

Please take weekend public transport timetables and delays into consideration. A limited number of prepaid parking is available from our shop. 

Suggested car park for Old Deer Park is next to Richmond Station

NCP car park - Richmond Station, Drummond Place, Kew Road, Richmond, TW9 1DN 





Richmond Fitness Expo and Music Festival in Old Deer Park FOR AUTUMN ONLY!

The finish line festival in Old Deer Park will open at 9 am for friends and family wanting a prime finish line spot and our stalls will commence sales at 9.00am.

Your Richmond RUNFEST medal, technical t-shirt and free beer will be proudly given to you after the race. The festival stalls will be manned by a variety of local businesses and retailers to entice the whole family.

Please see our Richmond Fitness Expo page for more information.



A community event like this cannot happen without lots of volunteers. If any friends or family members want to get involved in the race they will receive a T-shirt, a free beer and a burger. Click here to sign up.


Our amazing Psychologist has kindly shared us with some tip for race day!

Dr Carla Meijen, sport psychologist and senior lecturer in applied sport psychology at St Mary’s University has put together some last minute mental tips. These tips can help with mental demands such as worries about sticking to your race plan, or coping with the pain and discomfort of running a (half) marathon. 

Advice for before race day:

  • Be flexible in your goals, and do not rely on just one time-based goal
    Many runners have a time-based goal in mind, like a ‘do or die’ goal; it can be helpful to expand on this and have flexibility in your goals. One approach is to set different levels of goals. For example setting a dream goal, for when the conditions on race day are perfect. Next, set a goal that they would still be happy with when the conditions are less than perfect. Finally, identify a goal that would be the bare minimum, if things don’t go to plan. Having these three layers of goals can help to avoid disappointment and frustration during the (half) marathon if that ‘do or die’ goal turns out to be hard to achieve on the day. On race day you want your focus to be on the task like your running stride and in your training you can set goals to help with this, such as focusing on keeping a smooth stride when you get tired. 
  • Breaking the race down in parts
    Consider splitting up the race into different parts, especially if you have not run a (half) marathon before. Think about the (half) marathon as having three different parts and have a goal for each part, these don’t have to be time-based goals. You can have a goal for each of the three laps. Or as another example, you can consider using the first couple of miles to take in the sights, atmosphere, and get comfortable with your pace. The next 5 miles are about trying to intensify the effort. For the final miles you want to be totally focused, monitor how you’re feeling and if things are going to plan go for a full-out effort to the finish line.
  • Prepare in order to help reduce worries on the day
    If you have not participated in a race before – you may feel worried about what to expect on the day. There will always be factors out of their control, but runners can prepare for those they can control. Do the necessary preparation before, and know the course – where are the water stations? How will you travel to the race? Have you planned for the weather on race day? It is recommended that you practice your routine before and during one of the longer training runs, and make a check list based on this that they can use to help them feel more at ease.  

Advice for race day: 

  • Run your own race
    The atmosphere at an event like the Richmond RUNFEST is inspiring with the amazing (flat!) course and the start in Kew Gardens. It is also easy to get carried away on the day; with other runners around there is a risk of starting at a faster pace than you are used to and being worn out early on. Focus on running your own race. There are also pacers on the day, and this can help with not starting too fast and run an even pace. 
  • Recall successful training runs
    Trust your training and if you are struggling during the race, recall those successful training runs to remember your own ability. These positive experiences can give you confidence that it can be done. You can recall what helped you through longer runs, it may have been an inspiring song, something you say to yourself (‘I will keep a steady pace’, ‘keep going’, ‘relax those shoulders’) or a reason you have for running the half marathon. 
  • Have a mantra
    Having a mantra can be very helpful, so pick one that has worked for in training and use that during the race. Some runners write this on their hand, or somewhere they can see it during the race as a reminder.
  • Focusing 
    There will be a time during the race when your body starts to feel tired and sore. Some runners may find it helpful to distract themselves when this happens, for example focusing on the sights or replaying a song in their mind. Other runners prefer to focus on how their body feels and use breathing as a strategy to keep focused. You should go with the one they feel most comfortable with. And you can consider the next piece of advice:
  • Smile! 
    Recent research by Dr Noel Brick (Ulster University) found that using smiling as a strategy during running can give you the feeling that the activity costs less energy, and it can help to relax. So on the course, look for that friendly face that will make you smile and give you that extra boost of energy.  

After the event: 

  • Reward yourself!
    Remember to reward yourself for the achievement, enjoy the finish festival and celebrate with the other runners, your family/friends, and also remember to reflect on what you have achieved.




Start Time: 8:00am

Half Marathon

Start Time: 8:55am

Kew Gardens 10k

Start Time: 8:20am

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