Top Training Tips

Training Tips


"Help! I'm getting a niggle. I don't want to get injured for Richmond."

Is that you? Most runners have been injured at some point during their 'career'.

Lots of niggles and injuries are down to having a weak core, weak glutes and weak hips. So if you're stepping up your training this summer for Richmond, then you need to make sure you're including conditioning work in your week, that works these areas.

Pilates and Yoga are great classes that will help build core and hip strength. But if you're not keen on a class, a few minutes of conditioning work to strengthen your core will help.

Time to get planking folks!

You got this!

Helen, The Cheesecake Runner

P.S. Through August I am doing a Conditioning Challenge for Runners. Sigh up here for 7 Days of Strength & Conditioning Sets of Success.